Welcome to the website of GroenLinks Maastricht!

With this webpage we want to inform you about possibilities to vote for the elections for the town council of Maastricht in March 2022.

You can vote, if you are a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union.

But first you have to register as a citizen of Maastricht in order to get an invitation to vote. So:


  • In order to be represented in the new city council and get attention for your special needs as a student like better housing, better mental health care, better access to transportation, culture, leisure and nature.
  • This proces may take weeks and you have to be registered at 31 Januari 2022, so register asap online at 


More information about the elections you can find here

For GroenLinks you are very important, because you represent the future. We want to give you a future in a healthy, green and sustainable world.

Do you want to fight for a better world with us?

Contact us at maastricht@groenlinks.nl and meet the local green politicians!