The international population of Maastricht matters to us, and so do your views on how the city should be governed! And considering the fact that 23 (!) parties take part in this election, your vote can really make a difference!

In general, most information given by political parties in Dutch, so chosing who to vote for can be difficult. That's why we translated our election programme in English and in German. But time is short, so instead of reading 30+ pages, we'd love to tell you what we're all about in eleven video's. They're in Dutch, but we subtitled them in English. So sit back, choose one or more of the video's and let us tell you why you should act now and vote green!

Do you only have a minute?
Maastricht FM News in English asked all the parties to pitch in 60 seconds what they stand for. 
Click here to see the pitch of our leading candidate Gert-Jan Krabbendam.

LGBTIQ & consent matters Afspelen op YouTube
Fighting climate change with trees and water Afspelen op YouTube
Animal welfare and urban nature Afspelen op YouTube
Biodiversity and nature inclusive construction Afspelen op YouTube
Making affordable housing more available Afspelen op YouTube
Fighting climate change: making the city climate neutral Afspelen op YouTube
Liveable neighbourhoods Afspelen op YouTube
Giving way to bikes and pedestrians, reducing max speed for cars Afspelen op YouTube
We improved the Tongerseweg, now it's time to improve the Kennedy bridge! Afspelen op YouTube
Monumental heritage connecting people Afspelen op YouTube
Being able to meet and to participate throughout the city Afspelen op YouTube