GroenLinks wil dat:


  • de gemeente een visie en beleid ontwikkelt om zo actief regie te blijven voeren over de ontwikkeling als Smart City;
  • de inwoners van Maastricht erop kunnen vertrouwen dat zij zo min mogelijk door de overheid in hun privacy worden geschonden. De gemeente stelt daarom ook een gegevensbeschermer (‘data protection officer’) aan zodat de informatie van inwoners privé is en blijft.


Smart City Maastricht

Smart Cities are cities that use digitization (data) and technological innovations to improve the quality of life, sustainability, accessibility, well-being and economic development. The municipality can use technology to better control the city and increase its grip on social issues. Maastricht also continues to develop into a smart city and this is logical and inevitable. It offers opportunities for employment, innovation and finding solutions for (social) problems. But there is also a downside: digital facilities in the city, in which the government has no part, are increasing. But what if you as a citizen are not so 'smart'? When is data usage still safe and legally and ethically justified? We do not want Google, Facebook or other tech companies to take control over our city. These are questions, and concerns, which Maastricht must also formulate an answer to.

GroenLinks wants: